3 Steps for Finding Future Rainmakers for Your Company

On this month’s Rainmaker Multiplier OnDemand episode, Jason sits down with business partner, Don Chamberlin, to discuss different approaches to finding and adding the right advisors who are a good fit to become rainmakers for your firm.

For the last two years, Don’s office has been the top office with C2P, doing the most amount [...]

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Effortlessly Build a Tax Practice in Less than 1 Year

The most successful advisors are always thinking about growth.

As a business owner, growth can be divided into two primary categories:

  • Find new prospects to whom you can sell your existing services, or
  • Expand your services and sell more to your existing clients.
  • You can accomplish both at the same time, without adding a lot [...]

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    Comprehensive Planners & Transactional Advisors

    The balance between simplicity and sophistication

    Historically, the financial services industry has been divided into two camps: transactional advisors and comprehensive planners. To maximize the success we have with our clients, there are important lessons and traits we can adopt from each.

    Transactional advisors:

    Transactional advisors act as specialists, helping their clients facilitate the purchase [...]

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    2019 Tax Strategies: Increase Tax Savings

    The 2018 tax preparation season is upon us, meaning that it is also time to review the new tax laws and start developing tax strategies for taking advantage of them in 2019.  Below are eight ideas that can be implemented immediately to help increase tax savings next year.

    Health Savings Account:

    In many cases, [...]

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    The Soon Bucket Solutions Within The Bucket Plan®

    When it comes to determining which investment product or strategies you are going to recommend in your client’s plan, advisors typically consider risk tolerance, time-horizon, and in some cases the tax qualification to arrive at a prudent recommendation. As a general rule of thumb, the longer the time horizon before the client may need or [...]

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    Event Advisory

    Be Fiduciary Event
    August 23-24, Chicago

     The DOL Rule may be dead – but the best interest standard is here to stay

    Be Fiduciary is a 2-day event designed to teach financial professionals the best practices and turnkey processes needed to Be Fiduciary. With the fiduciary standard here to [...]

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