Advisor Career Path & Compensation

Exclusive training for our Rainmaker Multiplier Division advisors

Are you the sole rainmaker of your practice looking to build a self-sustaining business?


Struggling with how to identify, onboard, and train new and future advisors?


C2P Enterprises has the tools you need to build out an elite team of financial advisors you can rely on to run the business with or without you.


Expanding on the brainstorming exercises and self-assessments from our related eLearning courses, Jason L Smith, CEP®, BPC will guide you through the process he’s used to build his team at JL Smith.


Be sure to attend to learn how to:


• Attract and retain talented people


• Define the mentorship approach that works best for your business


• Identify the roles, responsibilities, work standards, and expectations for each position


• Set goals and target dates for growth, profitability, staffing, and compensation structure


You’ll walk away with a strategy you can implement at your firm right away.



Jason L Smith

Jason L Smith, CEP®, BPC
Founder | CEO
Clarity 2 Prosperity

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