About Clarity 2 Prosperity

We are a financial training, coaching and IP development organization led by financial advisors, coaches, mentors and business leaders committed to simplifying the financial planning process and improving the financial lives of American families.

Our mission is to help advisors shift from a transactional mindset and planning process to holistic planners and service providers, offering best interest advice by coordinating all areas of their clients’ financial lives including insurance, investments, tax, legal, Social Security and Medicare. The foundation of the training, processes and resources is based on the philosophy of collective wisdom from our Rainmaker Multiplier Division, in which like-minded advisors learn, share and grow their businesses together. New business-building ideas are continuously tested in model offices and, once proven successful, scalable and repeatable, packaged into turnkey processes and added to the company’s innovative, university-style e-Learning platform for advisors and their teams to implement effectively.

What’s in a name?

Our company name has dual meanings:

First, we enable you to give your clients the clarity to make informed financial decisions when you go over your financial proposals with them.  They know what their money is doing for them and how it’s working within their overall portfolio, giving them a greater sense of security and peace of mind.

Second, we wanted to remove the trial and error that comes with building a successful and profitable financial services business by creating well-documented and structured processes that were proven successful and easily duplicated by all advisors who implemented them. This allows you to be empowered as a business owner on your way to greater prosperity while helping your clients achieve their financial goals.

We have built the infrastructure to support our advisors through the formation of four corporate entities. You can work with one or all of the divisions to create a flexible service experience for your unique regulatory and business environments and preferences.

  • Clarity 2 Prosperity, the financial training, coaching and IP development organization;
  • Clarity Insurance Marketing, the IMO insurance distribution division;
  • Prosperity Capital Advisors, an SEC Registered Investment Adviser; and
  • Valor Capital Management, an SEC Registered Investment Adviser serves as a Turnkey Asset Management Program (TAMP) provider and fund strategist to RIAs and Broker/Dealers.

Our vision for the next era in the financial services industry began with the small, yet audacious goal of improving a flawed system through integrity, specialized solutions, and an uncommon passion for serving others. Today, we are a collection of leading independent financial services organizations renowned for innovation, collaboration, and client service.


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