About Clarity 2 Prosperity

Clarity 2 Prosperity is a financial training, coaching and IP development organization led by financial advisors, coaches, mentors and business leaders committed to simplifying the financial planning process and improving the financial lives of American families.

Its mission is to help advisors shift from a transactional mindset and planning process to holistic planners and service providers, offering best interest advice by coordinating all areas of their clients’ financial lives including insurance, investments, tax, legal, Social Security and Medicare. The foundation of the training, processes and resources is based on the philosophy of collective wisdom from a mastermind group, in which like-minded advisors learn, share and grow their businesses together. New business-building ideas are continuously tested in model offices and, once proven successful, scalable and repeatable, packaged into turnkey processes and added to the company’s innovative, university-style e-Learning platform for advisors and their teams to implement effectively.