What Is the $100 Million Club?

The $100 Million Club is an exclusive group of high-performing advisors with the shared objective to grow each of their businesses to $100M in new assets within one of the next five years. The Club discusses a wide range of topics and issues to solve, and participants benefit from the synergies created when experienced, successful and driven professionals with an entrepreneurial mindset gather to collaborate on proven strategies and innovative ideas.

Why Advisors Join The $100 Million Club

Advisors already at the top of their game still want to keep growing. They have a wealth of knowledge in certain areas but are yearning for additional insight to take their business to the next level. Unfortunately, these advisors often have little or no access to resources that will help them grow beyond consultants, who still tend to provide assistance in only one area.

As a member of The $100 Million Club, you are provided with all the tools and resources to reach your goal of bringing in $100M in new assets in one calendar year.


The $100 Million ClubThe Club is a structured system of collaboration for top-level advisors and their peers. It is built on the collective wisdom of its members, who come from a range of different backgrounds and who all bring different strengths to the table.

The group and its members are invaluable resources for top-advisors who might not otherwise have these connections with like-minded peers. Knowledge is gained by collaboration among members and industry experts.

Live Meetings

The $100 Million Club holds four live meetings per year, plus bi-weekly calls. Live meetings include workbooks and summary reports. Knowledge transferred by discussion is provided to members in a folder of resources, including requested/discussed information such as processes, as well as documents like fee schedules, client letters, scripts and more.

Professional Facilitation

Professional facilitation helps the group to focus thoughtfully on asking the right questions and to mine information from each other.

The group uses the XCHANGE approach to facilitation, which is a scientifically proven, strength-based process and methodology that is built on the philosophy of Appreciative Inquiry.

Core Values

  • Vulnerability
  • Intentionality
  • Commitment
  • Whole-life focus

How to Become a Member

Membership in The $100 Million Club is extended by invitation only. New members participate in an onboarding process that includes an interview process and completion of the $100 Million Club Mindset Scorecard and Mindset Survey.

If you would like to learn more about the requirements, schedule a consultation with our Business Development Team below.