Holistic Financial Planning

What is The Bucket Plan Division & Why Do You Need it?

Successful advisors need a reliable process that is not only efficient but also helps them close more business and gather more of their clients’ assets. Further, they need to be able to easily replicate this process and teach their office staff to follow it as well.

The Bucket Plan is a proven, turnkey financial planning process for holistically gathering data, documenting findings and delivering asset-positioning strategies in your clients’ best interests.


As a member of The Bucket Plan Division, you will have access to the financial planning processes and robust training resources you need to effectively create a holistic, best-interest planning experience for your clients, including:

Live Training Events and Certification

The Bucket Plan® DivisionAttend regular, live training events to learn, role-play, discuss and implement The Bucket Plan’s core financial planning processes with confidence.

  • The Bucket Plan 1.0 Best Interest Process Live Training – demonstrate your commitment to this asset positioning strategy by earning and displaying The Bucket Plan Certification! This 1.5-day interactive workshop teaches the concepts and tools of The Bucket Plan Best Interest Process, as well as a deeper understanding of our core processes, for maximum retention and understanding through practical application.
  • The Bucket Plan 2.0 Holistic Planning Process Live Training – you’ve mastered The Bucket Plan 1.0, now learn how to add value to your services by developing more complex plans and charging fees. In this advanced workshop, attendees walk through each detailed step, and rehearse every aspect of the process with live role-plays, peer feedback and more!

Monthly On-Demand Programs

Stay informed with ongoing, up-to-date access to resources that support rapid business growth as you launch to the next level. Monthly webcasts, podcasts and blogs are available 24/7 and designed to dive deeper into key financial planning and practice management topics, including:

  • The four steps of a holistic planning process – How do they work?
  • Soon bucket and Later bucket implementation – What is the difference and where do they fit in a retirement plan?
  • The Pyramid of Risk – How comfortable is your client with the effect of stock market fluctuations on their investments?
  • The Fact Finder – Establish your client’s goals and objectives.
  • The Family Estate Organizer™ – Gather all your client’s financial information in one place!

E-Learning Resources

Whether you are bringing on an associate advisor, hiring a new employee or brushing up on your own knowledge, we provide on-demand training resources through our university-style, online e-learning platform. Each of our turnkey processes is broken down and explained in simple steps through:

  • Audio recordings
  • Videos
  • Scripts
  • Checklists
  • Flowcharts
  • And more

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The Bucket Plan® Division

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