3 Steps for Finding Future Rainmakers for Your Company

On this month’s Rainmaker Multiplier OnDemand episode, Jason sits down with business partner, Don Chamberlin, to discuss different approaches to finding and adding the right advisors who are a good fit to become rainmakers for your firm.

For the last two years, Don’s office has been the top office with C2P, doing the most amount [...]

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Clarity 2 Prosperity Innovation Award Finalist

Clarity 2 Prosperity Named as a Finalist for 2020 InvestmentNews Innovation Awards

Training Organization Recognized for its Industry Contributions in Practice Management

February 5, 2020 – New York – Clarity 2 Prosperity (C2P), a financial training and coaching organization led by financial advisors, coaches, mentors [...]

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The Attorney Advisor Alliance And How To Grow Your Firm

Enhance Your Attorney Advisor Alliance To Double Your Marketing

The industry is shifting, and today’s consumer is looking for their professionals to communicate, collaborate, and coordinate all aspects of their financial and estate plans. The silo approach of visiting a financial services professional, an attorney, an insurance agent, and a tax professional is becoming an [...]

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The Cash Flow Analysis And Its Two Separate Levels

Let’s just put it out there – almost no one, including advisors, enjoys going through the process of putting together a full budget. Budgets can end up being inaccurate as well as time-consuming, and they often provide little actual value to the consumer. However, you still need to know your client’s cash flow as [...]

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Designing Your Client’s Bucket Plan®

Designing a financial plan can be as much an art as it is a science. There are so many variables, assumptions, and unknowns that attempting to model out your recommendations can easily overwhelm a client or prospective client. Historically, the financial services industry (particularly financial planning software companies) have created an illusion that the thicker [...]

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An Asset Allocation Strategy Clients Will Understand

The concept of bucketing assets began with a Harry Markowitz paper in the Journal of Finance in 1952. The essence of his paper outlined how investors could efficiently allocate assets for the highest return with a given level of risk. This work would later earn Markowitz a Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences and redefine [...]

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Multiply Results With The 3 Cs of Delegation

Are you frequently overwhelmed by everything that needs to get done at the office and wish that you could delegate some tasks to lighten the load? Unfortunately, most of us get caught up in the hectic pace of day-to-day life and don’t delegate effectively. When this happens, the opportunity is missed, to not only to [...]

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Will Your Business Thrive or Just Survive If You Take Off Time?

As a financial advisor, you have spent years building your client base and increasing your firm’s revenue. Business is humming along on a steady upward trajectory, and you have never felt more confident about your opportunities for growth.

Now imagine that you suddenly need to take an unplanned (or planned) extended leave of absence from [...]

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Ask These Questions To Increase Closing Ratio by 72.3%

What separates top performing advisors from the rest? In a crowded marketplace, advisors tend to sound like each other. I have attended countless trainings across the country and heard dozens of “coaches” talking about the importance of having an “elevator pitch.” While it may be important, you are actually bragging about yourself and [...]

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Protect Your Clients from Market Volatility

As a financial advisor, one of your primary and most important functions is to counsel your clients on staying the course with the investments that are best suited to their long-term financial goals.  But how can you be sure that your client will be comfortable with and accept your recommendations?  Will they be able to [...]

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Bringing Clarity to Your Client’s Prosperity

Helping clients gain clarity to their financial health is what gets most financial advisors out of bed in the morning. The more you teach your clients to understand their finances, the more likely it is that they will come to you to continue growing their portfolio – which also means more “prosperity” for you. People [...]

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