2019 Tax Strategies

2019 Tax Strategies: Increase Tax Savings

The 2018 tax preparation season is upon us, meaning that it is also time to review the new tax laws and start developing tax strategies for taking advantage of them in 2019.  Below are eight ideas that can be implemented immediately to help increase tax savings next year.

Health [...]
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The Soon Bucket Plan Solutions

When it comes to determining which investment product or strategies you are going to recommend in your client’s plan, advisors typically consider risk tolerance, time-horizon, and in some cases the tax qualification to arrive at a prudent recommendation. As a general rule of thumb, the longer the time horizon before the client may need or [...]
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Kiplinger: How to Implement the Bucket System

The 4% rule and its corollaries help ensure that your money will last through a 30-year retirement. The bucket system is extra insurance to help make sure you have enough until you kick the bucket. Read Full Article

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Event Advisory

Be Fiduciary Event
August 23-24, Chicago

 The DOL Rule may be dead – but the best interest standard is here to stay

Be Fiduciary is a 2-day event designed to teach financial professionals the best practices and turnkey processes needed to Be Fiduciary. With the fiduciary standard here to [...]
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MarketWatch: The big reason why retirees should cut down on stocks in portfolios

Author of The Bucket Plan, Jason L Smith illustrates how severely negative returns at the beginning or at the very end of a 10-year horizon impacts investors. Read Full Article

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