The Mastermind Group

Build a holistic business.

The Mastermind Group is an exclusive group of advisors who share similar business-building objectives to learn, share and grow their businesses together. With unrestricted access to Clarity 2 Prosperity’s robust training, tools and resources, collaboration opportunities, coaching and ongoing support, the Mastermind Group will enable you to grow, automate and enhance your firm to operate efficiently with or without your day-to-day involvement and at a higher level of net profitability.

Within the Mastermind Group is a mentoring opportunity for highly-accomplished advisors to share their expertise with advisors aspiring to reach similar successes. This allows for them to not only give back to the industry but have a greater impact on the company’s overarching mission to simplify the financial planning process and improve the financial lives of American families nationwide.

As part of the Mastermind Group, you will receive:

  • Live Training Events
    Members of the Mastermind Group receive regular and interactive small group, advisor-led training as well as access to the biannual Mastermind Collegium. The Collegium is an advisor-driven forum where innovation emerges, providing the opportunity for learning and collaboration through panels, breakout sessions, round table discussions and more.

    • Semi-annual Mastermind Collegium
    • The Bucket Plan® 1.0 Best Interest Process Live Training (To earn The Bucket Plan Certification)
    • The Bucket Plan® 2.0 Holistic Planning Process Live Training
    • Rainmaker Multiplier Training
    • Model Office Experiences
    • Carrier Office Training
    • The Tax Practice Builder Annual training
  • Business Partnership
    At Clarity 2 Prosperity, we take an active role in helping you build successful, process-driven businesses that can operate independently of your day-to-day involvement, while putting a succession plan in place for the long term. We will help you define your vision and then create the steps necessary to accomplish your family, professional, and personal goals while creating work-life balance.

    • One-on-one Coaching
    • Exclusive MentorCONNECT platform to engage with Industry Specialists
    • Group Coaching
    • Study Group Calls & Participation
    • Practice Management
    • Profitable New Business Lines
    • Marketing Processes Focused on Net Profitability
  • Unlimited e-Learning Access
    Gain access to all turnkey processes available on the e-Learning platform, including 21 financial planning, marketing and operations processes; supporting audio recordings, videos, scripts, checklists, flowcharts and more, all divided into simple steps for easy implementation.
  • And More!
    • Webinars
    • Podcasts
    • White Papers
    • Client Education Tools

Access to the Mastermind Group is available to advisors through an annual licensing fee regardless of RIA, IMO, B/D or other affiliations. This fee may be reduced or waived in working with one of our sister organizations, C2P Advisory Group, a fiduciary-friendly IMO, or Prosperity Capital Advisors, our SEC registered investment advisory firm.

To learn more about the 21 processes included within the Mastermind Group, complete the form below to download our white paper: Blueprints for a Holistic Advisory Firm