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At Clarity 2 Prosperity, we educate, train, grow, and support holistic financial advisors. This includes incorporating proven processes that will convert more business and protect them from litigation, all while building strong relationships with other top advisors. We also help advisors build a self-sustaining model to allow them to have more time in their personal life. This is how we get them there:

The Bucket Plan

The Rainmaker Multiplier Process

Use the Rainmaker Multiplier Process to start converting your firm to a self-sustaining entity that runs efficiently with or without you there. When you decide it’s time to bring on more “rainmakers” to increase your revenue, we’ll give you access to our proven processes to build out your practice and increase your net profit over gross while welcoming you to our community of fiduciaries!


The Bucket Plan Process

The Bucket Plan Process is an asset allocation system around which our company is built. Advisors use this system to develop simple, holistic financial plans that their clients will understand, increasing the likelihood that they will implement their proposals. The Bucket Plan has been defined, refined, and tested by our model offices, so it is now a set of proven processes that are easy to duplicate and scale to the size of your business. When you complete the Bucket Plan live training you will transform your business by having a process to simplify holistic financial planning and increase your closing ratio.

Rainmaker Multiplier

Training, Mentorship and Coaching

Imagine having a team of mentors and coaches that you can call on for anything from increasing your office staff to allocating a client’s assets to the proper buckets. You can be confident in knowing that advisors who have been in your situation are more than happy to guide you and talk through different scenarios to find the best solutions for your business and your clients. From mentorship calls to personal coaching, we give you the tools you need to grow. Learn more about our proven processes in person, come to one of our training events to see how we can partner with you to help your business reach the next level of success, whatever you determine that to be. Our processes and procedures help protect you as a fiduciary and serve as a strong foundation to continue the growth of your business.

What Our Advisors Are Saying

We provide the synergies necessary to thrive as a financial professional. We help good advisors become great through coaching, training and proven processes.

Financial Advisor Training

Clarity 2 Prosperity offers a range of live, on-demand and virtual training resources to financial advisors and institutions—regardless of your RIA, IMO, B/D or other affiliations.

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