Many of our advisors come for the processes and stay for the people. They believe that nowhere else will they find the support and networking that they experience at our events. Since many have small practices or are the “only game in town”, they don’t have anyone to talk to about business ideas and growth plans. Having a community of like-minded advisors readily available to talk shop is an immeasurable benefit to our training and live events.

Imagine having a team of mentors and coaches that you can call on for anything from increasing your office staff to allocating a client’s assets to the proper buckets. You can be confident in knowing that advisors who have been in your situation are more than happy to guide you and talk through different scenarios to find the best solutions for your business and your clients. From mentorship calls to personal coaching, we give you the tools you need to grow.

Are you ready for growth and open to rebuilding the financial services that you provide your clients? If you want to learn about proven processes that work, come to one of our training events to see how we can partner with you to help your business reach the next level of success, whatever you determine that to be. Our processes and procedures help protect you as a fiduciary and serve as a strong foundation to continue the growth of your business.


Advisor Solutions That Fuel Business Growth

When you’ve worked with as many advisors as we have, you get a good idea of what they need to do their jobs efficiently and well.  With Clarity 2 Prosperity, you gain access to a host of solutions and benefits that address the issues you are experiencing – including those you may not even know you have!  These solutions help top advisors streamline their processes and grow a self-sustaining financial practice.

Here are some of the ways we help advisors just like you reach the next level of business growth:


The Bucket Plan® DivisionProvides an opportunity for investment advisors, financial planners and insurance professionals to benefit from the collective wisdom of The Rainmaker Multiplier Division, but solely in financial planning


The Rainmaker Multiplier DivisionAn exclusive group of advisors with similar business-building objectives to learn, share and grow their businesses together who have unrestricted access to Clarity 2 Prosperity’s robust training, tools and resources, collaboration opportunities, coaching and ongoing support


Live training – Includes semi-annual Mastermind Collegium (for The Rainmaker Multiplier Division members); The Bucket Plan®0 Best Interest Process live training (To earn The Bucket Plan Certification); The Bucket Plan®2.0Holistic Planning Process Live Training; Rainmaker Multiplier training; model office experiences; carrier office training; and, The Tax Practice Builder annual training


E-LearningAn E-Learning platform that includes 21 financial planning, marketing and operations processes divided into simple steps for implementation; plus supporting audio recordings, videos, scripts, checklists, and flowcharts, where available


MentoringThe Rainmaker Multiplier Division members have access to MentorCONNECT, a team of mentors who are at the top of their profession and available to help advisors trying to take their businesses to the next level


CoachingFrom the On-Demand series of white papers, webinars and podcasts to group coaching and one-to-one sessions with industry experts, we have a level of coaching to meet your needs



You can access Clarity 2 Prosperity turnkey training resources through our fee-only programs (The Bucket Plan® Division or The Rainmaker Multiplier Division), or through an arrangement with a qualified corporate entity such as your broker-dealer, IMO or RIA.

Ready, Set, Transform

Schedule a call today and discover how other elite advisors are transforming their financial practice and reaching new heights of business success with our advisor solutions. Begin your transformation today and join them!