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The Bucket Plan® Best Interest Process is a comprehensive planning process that helps advisors gather, analyze, prepare, and present every step of a financial plan using a set of key tools that simplifies the planning for the client while meeting the documentation requirements of the best interest standard.  The process accounts for the variables that can negatively affect the long-term success of a financial plan (like volatility, taxes, inflation and life expectancy) and segments a client’s assets based on income needs, time horizon, and tax qualifications.


Going through the process with the client both educates them on their financial status and engages them in the planning so that they feel more confident in the recommendation you prepare for them.  It also helps the advisor by taking away the confusion around meeting the best interest standard and creating the compliance documentation needed to support the decisions that went into the plan.


The Bucket Plan Best Interest Process is a proven, repeatable process that has been developed and refined over the past 10 years based on field testing by advisors around the country.  It’s a holistic way to incorporate all of your client’s assets – investments, insurance, taxes, estate planning, Social Security and retirement income – and provide them with a plan that will meet their retirement goals.


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