We’ve got a process for that!

An idea for growing your business is much different than a process from growing your business. An idea makes you work harder—you have to figure out how to implement it in your practice in order to make the idea work for you.

A process on the other hand is a step-by-step, detailed plan for action. An idea works best when it has been proven effective. A process can be developed for others to follow to help them achieve the same successful outcome.

At Clarity 2 Prosperity, we have 21 turnkey processes to grow, automate and enhance your practice. Each idea is developed, tested refined and proven successful before being distributed as an on-demand e-Learning course for you and your team.

For a sneak peek of these 21 turnkey financial planning, operational and marketing processes, complete the form below, or see these processes in action at an upcoming training!

Signature Process Highlights:

The Bucket Plan® Best Interest Process

The Bucket Plan® Best Interest Process
Navigating market volatility, taxes, inflation and increasing life expectancies can be challenging when planning for retirement. Investing too safely can result in clients losing purchasing power due to inflation; investing too aggressively can expose a client to significant financial loss. Both scenarios can create the risk of a client running out of money prematurely in retirement. To address these challenges, The Bucket Plan Best Interest Process can be applied to segment clients’ assets in the order to which they will need them, taking into account income needs, time horizon and tax qualifications.

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This process will provide everything you need to document and implement this comprehensive asset positioning strategy, including how to:
  • Educate a client on The Money Cycle and The Bucket Plan philosophies
  • Uncover, subcategorize and inventory all assets through The Asset Sheet Questionnaire
  • Identify supplemental income needs through the Income Gap Assessment
  • Determine risk comfort level for each bucket through the Volatility Tolerance Analysis
  • Design an income plan coordinating insurance and investments without complex software
  • Gather more assets while providing more value to your clients
  • Meet a best interest standard for the clients you serve

The Bucket Plan book is also available for our advisors to customize and use with their clients as a turnkey education tool and marketing piece. Simplify the planning process so clients can easily understand while addressing today’s biggest dangers in retirement!

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Clarity 2 Prosperity – The Holistic Planning Process

Clarity 2 Prosperity – the holistic planning process
Expanding upon The Bucket Plan Best Interest Process, this turnkey process will teach you how to provide an uncommon breadth of service to guide your clients in all areas of their financial well-being, including wealth and volatility management, tax, estate planning and ongoing investment advice, while monetizing your wisdom through planning fees. Avoid critical gaps, tax inefficiencies, overexposure to risk, unintended consequences and more through The Holistic Planning Process.

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This step-by-step process for providing holistic planning to your clients that incorporates insurance, investments, tax, legal, Medicare and Social Security into one comprehensive plan will simplify financial planning for the clients you serve. Learn how to:
  • Charge a planning fee for the process, advice and wisdom you provide your clients
  • Take a consultative educational planning approach versus a traditional sales approach
  • Uncover more planning opportunities during the holistic planning approach
  • Reduce or eliminate the biggest dangers your clients face today
  • Coordinate planning efforts with other professionals
  • Bulletproof your client relationships

The Family Estate Organizer

The Family Estate OrganizerTM
Create peace of mind for your clients and those they love most. The Family Estate Organizer is a value-add service and tangible resource that helps clients by creating a centralized location for all crucial information as well as provides you a direct channel to the executor of the will for second generation asset retention, simplifying the process for children and other beneficiaries while allowing you to build relationships.

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The Family Estate Organizer puts you in control at death, rather than the attorney or CPA, and includes hard copies of:
  • Legal documents
  • Insurance policies
  • Brokerage statements
  • Passwords, account information and more

Examples of Supporting Tools

Each of our proven processes includes step-by-step instruction, audio recordings, videos, scripts, checklists, flowcharts and more.
Here are just a few of the tools included within our signature processes:

The Bucket Plan® Fact Finder

A strong first appointment is critical in establishing any new client relationship. Through the collaboration of top advisors nationwide within The Mastermind Group, this powerful turnkey fact-finding and relationship development tool was created to further engage prospects and establish the foundation for a mutually rewarding relationship.

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This tool will help you to:
  • Differentiate yourself from any advisor the prospective client may currently have a relationship with
  • Uncover and understand the prospective client’s true net worth
  • Identify planning opportunities based on concerns, goals and objectives, and more
  • Identify and have the client rank their current relationships
  • Ask unique, thought-provoking questions no one has asked them before for self-realization of gaps in their plan

Sequence of Returns Risk Tools

Sequence of returns risk is one of the biggest dangers facing investors today.

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To help clients understand the risk associated with the timing of investment returns in relation to the timing of withdrawal, the Sequence of Returns tools help to:
  • Communicate the importance of the Money Cycle, particularly the shift to preservation of a portion of assets before distribution
  • Demonstrate why it takes more investment return to fully rebound from an investment loss
  • Explain the science of behavioral investing and how bad decisions can have a lasting impact
  • Illustrate this risk with historical market data, comparing outcomes of identical investments and income withdrawals resulting dramatically different results based on when they retired
  • Create the need to take action with you and mitigate this risk with The Bucket Plan solution

Annual Reviews

Recurring annual meetings are key for continued service and support to your clients. Not only do they help your clients to identify what has worked well for them through your relationship over the course of the previous year, they also help you identify areas of concern as well as additional opportunities to be of service in the future.

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Our annual review process will help you and your clients to:
  • Renew the connection and pinpoint current challenges, planned expenses and life events needing counsel
  • Update their asset sheet, Bucket Plan, Family Estate Organizer and similar
  • Provide proactive tax planning strategies so there is no end of year tax surprises
  • Identify changes in financial, insurance, legacy, Social Security or Medicare needs and provide advice
  • Continue to foster the relationship and encourage referrals