The Bucket Plan 2.0

Elevate Your Success With The Bucket Plan 2.0

This training is by invite only for true holistic advisors who have mastered the competencies of 1.0.


Once advisors have The Bucket Plan® 1.0 Best Interest Process up and running at their firm, it’s time to take a deeper dive with The Bucket Plan 2.0 Holistic Planning Process. Interactive sessions that include role-play and group discussions will give advisors the background and information needed to convey the value of holistic planning to clients.


Advisors gain confidence to charge planning fees for the time they invest in taking their clients through the holistic planning process.


Qualifications required for The Bucket Plan 2.0:


• Completion of The Bucket Plan 1.0 Best Interest Process live training

• The Bucket Plan Best Interest Process certification

• Mastery of The Bucket Plan 1.0 Best Interest Process

• The Holistic Planning Process Steps 1-4 eLearning courses


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