The Tax Management Journey


High-net-worth clients expect their financial advisor to provide guidance to help them avoid tax pitfalls and find tax-efficient ways to optimize their wealth. Start offering them what they need by attending The Tax Management Journey®, a 2-day tax management training course that gives you the marketing tools and strategies to attract and convert more clients in the $1 million to $5 million demographic.


After attending this training, you can confidently engage in tax management with your prospects and clients. You will also gain the skills needed to provide more valuable advice by integrating clients’ tax, financial, investment, and insurance details into one overall plan.


After attending the training, you’ll also receive:

  1. E-Learning course access for on-demand training and support
  2. The Tax Management Journey® client-facing tools
  3. Point-of-sale resources
  4. Two consumer seminars (Taxes in Retirement and Tax Management Today)
  5. The Tax Management Journey® Tax Guide
  6. A 20% discount for Tax Clarity software
  7. A 30% discount for Retirement NextGen software
  8. A 10% discount on Holistiplan Tax software


Our Speakers:

Chris Woerhle

Christopher P. Woehrle, JD, LL.M (Tax)

Dave Alison

Dave Alison, CFP®, EA, BPC


The Tax Management Journey is available multiple times throughout the year at different locations across the United States. Register today!


*Prior to attending the live, experiential, instructor-led training, all registered participants are required to complete the e-learning course and pass the course quiz. This must be completed by a pre-determined date. Failure to complete these pre-requisites will result in cancellation of event registration and participation.

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