The Tax Management Journey

Live Training To Help Advisors Increase Revenue Through Tax Planning


Your clients need your help with tax planning strategies. Start offering them what they need by attending The Tax Management Journey, a one-day tax planning training course that gives you the marketing tools and strategies to attract and convert more clients in the $1 million to $5 million demographic.


Key Takeaways :


  1. E-Learning course access for on-demand training and reinforcement
  2. The Tax Management Journey® client-facing tools
  3. Point-of-sale resources
  4. Two consumer seminars (Taxes in Retirement and Tax Management Today)
  5. A proven method to fill consumer seminars for Taxes in Retirement
  6. An online seminar on Seminar Success public speaking training
  7. And more


The Tax Management Journey is available multiple times throughout the year at different locations across the United States. Register today!

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