Articles by: Dave Alison

Monetize Your Wisdom: Why You Should Be Charging Planning Fees

It can be confusing to know how, or why, to charge fees for your financial planning services. Especially if you don’t understand the value of the wisdom you’re providing, how can you put a monetary value on that wisdom and how can you expect your client to buy into that value?

In a recent [...]

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The Evolution of the Woman’s Worth® Platform

On the most recent episode of the Rainmaker Multiplier podcast, Jason L Smith invited Jeannette Bajalia to discuss her platform, Woman’s Worth, and the uninterrupted success she has seen, even as she’s pivoted to operating in our new virtual environment over the past six months. In this episode, Jeannette explains the methodology behind her [...]

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The Power of a 4-Step Financial Planning Process

In a recent Bucket Plan podcast episode, Dave Alison and Jason L Smith sat down to discuss the power of having a well-documented and proven process for financial planning, as well as the ways they’ve experienced success with their own 4-step process for both their business and their clients.

Having a successful process starts [...]

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Communication Strategies in a Virtual Environment

The current virtual environment has created a great opportunity for advisors. A lot of the barriers that usually make it hard to reach clients are actually down right now. Six months ago, hosting an in-person seminar or meeting presented many potential restraints that don’t exist anymore.

On the advisor side, it’s become easier to find [...]

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Positioning Life Insurance with Long-Term Care Benefits

In this uncertain and continually changing environment, Clarity 2 Prosperity has been committed to sharing both defensive and offensive strategies for advisors to keep their clients and prospects engaged. Through our series of recent podcasts and other virtual resources, we’ve covered topics from market volatility and running your business virtually, to new product opportunities [...]

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The Bucket Plan Best Interest Process: A New Framework

Recently, Clarity 2 Prosperity had the opportunity to host a Bucket Plan Best Interest Process Training course for a select group of top advisors on the campus of Texas Tech. After the training, Jason L Smith, CEO and Founder of Clarity 2 Prosperity, had a breakthrough realization: while different groups of Bucket Plan advisors execute [...]

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Bucket Planning is Not Just Bucketing

Bucket planning is about more than just bucketing. But what exactly does “bucketing” mean to advisors, and how does it differ from bucket planning? In a recent episode of The Bucket Plan Podcast, Jason and Dave sat down with retirement expert, Jamie Hopkins, to discuss the intricacies of a holistic bucket planning process and how [...]

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How to Gather $100 Million in New Assets in One Year

Do you have big aspirations for your firm’s growth? Do you want to bring in $100 million in new assets in one year?

It was during a strategic coach class on Dan Sullivan’s concept of “Who Not How,” that CEO and Founder of Clarity 2 Prosperity, Jason Smith, decided to create a group of [...]

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Effective Communication in Today’s Environment

A common theme for advisors working in today’s environment is that client outreach is key right now. Whether it be an annual review, an unscheduled call to discuss new opportunities or just a personal check-in, advisors should be reaching out proactively. Clients need information and education now, more than ever, and likewise advisors should be [...]

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Utilizing One-Year Home Health Care in Client’s Bucket Plan

As advisors try to play offensively in a virtual environment, they need to be looking for cross-selling opportunities with both new and existing clients. One product that advisors should make sure to discuss with clients is Short-Term Home Health Care Insurance, through Guarantee Trust Life (GTL).

GTL’s Short-Term Home Health Care fits especially nicely [...]

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