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The Evolution of the Woman’s Worth® Platform

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On the most recent episode of the Rainmaker Multiplier podcast, Jason L Smith invited Jeannette Bajalia to discuss her platform, Woman’s Worth, and the uninterrupted success she has seen, even as she’s pivoted to operating in our new virtual environment over the past six months. In this episode, Jeannette explains the methodology behind her platform, what makes selling to women a unique experience, and her vision for the greater impact of Woman’s Worth on both advisors and consumers.

What is Woman’s Worth?

Woman’s Worth is a platform that markets to women, for women, and by women. As the leader of an already successful financial planning firm, Petros Financial Group, Jeannette explains that she started this second division because she needed to communicate to women that they need very customized solutions. Longevity, among other things, is redefining retirement planning for women. Women also tend to think differently about finances than men do, and female advisors are more likely to understand, connect with, and speak the language of female consumers.

Over the last 11 years, Woman’s Worth has evolved into a turnkey marketing platform that empowers female advisors both through education and by connecting them with a market that  resonates with them. The platform also helps advisors, new and experienced, continue to nurture their relationships. “There’s a huge health/wealth connection with women,” Jeanette points out. “So just to talk about wealth management is not the same as saying we’re going to look at a holistic approach to wealth management, and that integrates the health management piece.” This is why Jeannette created the platform.

How Does it Work?

Woman’s Worth is not just for the experienced financial advisor. In fact, there is a lot of benefit to training new advisors from the ground up, because they haven’t been exposed yet to some of the habits and behaviors of the industry, which Woman’s Worth seeks to change.

The platform is not intended to help advisors just to get more women through the door. Jeannette explains, “I hear language in the financial industry and I’m trying to disrupt that visual, that language. You know, just like if you go do educational seminars or webinars – ‘just get butts in seats.’ That’s not what it’s about. It starts off by identifying a high potential associate advisor or female advisor who can connect with the issues and the areas of focus that women like to focus on.”

Jeannette says women don’t like to be spoken to in the language of “sequence of returns risk” and “rates of return.” Women want safety; they want security. There are trillions of dollars of wealth that will be transferred into the hands of women over the next decade and advisors need to get ahead of that, understanding the needs of the clients who will be managing these assets. So, the platform is first about identifying and cultivating the female advisor. Then it’s giving her a turnkey approach to attracting the right clients, speaking to them in the language they understand, and sharing information in the way they want to receive it. Woman’s Worth helps advisors do this with marketing tools, seminar programs, communication tools, training, and coaching to cultivate a relationship-based marketing approach instead of a transaction-based marketing approach.

Integrating Woman’s Worth with The Bucket Plan®

Woman’s Worth is about relationship management. It’s about building trust between female advisors and female clients so that they can have the difficult and transparent conversations that are sometimes challenging with an advisor or client of another gender. “Remember, in the financial industry, it’s an industry that speaks the language of men, was designed by men for men, because the men are all the decision-makers. So even the male financial consumer will challenge a female advisor,” says Jeannette.

Every two weeks, Jeannette holds coaching calls with her advisors to give them ideas and to help them deepen their relationship management experience. Similar to how The Bucket Plan provides a proven process for holistic financial planning, Woman’s Worth provides an equally foolproof process to follow, with all the tools and resources you need as part of the platform. When advisors are able integrate the planning process that The Bucket Plan offers and the relationship management process that Woman’s Worth offers, they are poised for success.

Jason points out, “The Bucket Plan is a financial planning process. It’s a way to simplify the explanation of time segmenting money based on the purpose and time horizon. But what Woman’s Worth does is bring is the marketing platform. And it empowers women to be able to take ownership of something, learn all the best practices and tactics to effectively communicate with women, and have one of the top woman advisors in the country to mentor them through that.”

In other words, The Bucket Plan gives advisors the base knowledge of the financial planning process and the simplification of how to explain it and Woman’s Worth gives advisors the marketing and the communication strategies to most effectively and meaningfully reach women.


The reason Jeannette named her platform Woman’s Worth and not Women’s Worth is because, far too often, women can forget “it’s about you, and your personal worth.” As a young professional, entrepreneur, business owner, and now even as a retired professional, Jeannette knows that women tend to be under-served in many industries.

The financial services industry is one such example that just doesn’t speak the language of women – the value and the worth that women have both within themselves, in their capabilities, as well as in their financial lives. The goal of Woman’s Worth is to help shift this dynamic and to increase the number of female advisors, because now more than ever it’s a woman’s world out there.

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