Build Client Relationships

Build Client Relationships with the Family Estate Organizer

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We all know how time-consuming and difficult it can be to collect and organize all of your client documents. We’ve all been there and have all tried different strategies to help with this process. That’s why in this episode of The Bucket Plan On-Demand Series, Dave Alison sits down with business partner and fellow financial advisor, Carl Smith, to talk about solutions to overcome it.

Holistic Planning and the Family Estate Organizer

The Family Estate Organizer (FEO) is a holistic and comprehensive tool for all family financial planning needs to convert more clients. Introducing the FEO during your first meetings can help show them the value of the tool when it comes to planning ahead and getting clients on the same page.

Let’s Talk Benefits

The FEO is much more than a simple financial or legal tool. It stores all important client information from investments and pensions to medical information and life insurance, as well as a family succession plan that allows the survived to better handle the estate upon a client’s passing.

The FEO helps advisors to:

  • Build client relationships when building trust.
  • Uncover hidden or forgotten client assets.
  • Prepare for long-term care planning.
  • Create something tangible for yearly reviews.

This is an all-in-one tool that sets clients up for success and helps you develop rapport with your clients. This is why Carl loves the tool and is big reason why his clients describe his practice as a true “holistic planning firm.” One of his clients even said that they felt like Carl knew more about them already than their previous advisor of 16 years because of the FEO and The Bucket Plan.

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Using the Family Estate Organizer

It starts with a question, “How involved are you in keeping your documents organized and up to date?”

Carl shared a story about his widowed client who was never involved with the family finances coming to him for help upon her husband’s passing. Once sorting through and organizing their documents, they discovered almost a million dollars in annuities and life insurance that her husband had that she was entirely unaware of. This set their children up for success upon her passing to have detailed documentation of everything they then needed. Download the Survivor’s Checklist here!

This is just one example of how the FEO is a powerful way to drive meaningful conversations and actions to drive real growth and change when it comes to family financial planning organization.

Do you want to learn more use cases for the FEO and how to incorporate it into your practice? Listen to the full podcast episode here and schedule a 20-minute consultation to gain access to the FEO tool.