Articles by: Dave Alison

Multiply Results With The 3 Cs of Delegation

Are you frequently overwhelmed by everything that needs to get done at the office and wish that you could delegate some tasks to lighten the load? Unfortunately, most of us get caught up in the hectic pace of day-to-day life and don’t delegate effectively. When this happens, the opportunity is missed, to not only to [...]

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Will Your Business Thrive or Just Survive If You Take Off Time?

As a financial advisor, you have spent years building your client base and increasing your firm’s revenue. Business is humming along on a steady upward trajectory, and you have never felt more confident about your opportunities for growth.

Now imagine that you suddenly need to take an unplanned (or planned) extended leave of absence from [...]

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Ask These Questions To Increase Closing Ratio by 72.3%

What separates top performing advisors from the rest? In a crowded marketplace, advisors tend to sound like each other. I have attended countless trainings across the country and heard dozens of “coaches” talking about the importance of having an “elevator pitch.” While it may be important, you are actually bragging about yourself and [...]

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Protect Your Clients from Market Volatility

As a financial advisor, one of your primary and most important functions is to counsel your clients on staying the course with the investments that are best suited to their long-term financial goals.  But how can you be sure that your client will be comfortable with and accept your recommendations?  Will they be able to [...]

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Bringing Clarity to Your Client’s Prosperity

Helping clients gain clarity to their financial health is what gets most financial advisors out of bed in the morning. The more you teach your clients to understand their finances, the more likely it is that they will come to you to continue growing their portfolio – which also means more “prosperity” for you. People [...]

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Double Your Retirement Planning Closing Ratio

Individuals seek out financial guidance when they have major life changing events. Expecting a child, buying a dream home, funding a college education, and – the most substantial of all – preparing to retire.

The retirement planning market is enormous, with over 10,000 baby boomers turning 65 every single day. While the opportunity is large, [...]

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Renting Versus Owning a Tax Practice

A proven way to grow your existing financial services business is to add a tax practice. Preparing taxes and providing tax advice is probably the biggest opportunity that financial planners have today. In most cases, clients regard taxes as their largest expense, and they are uncertain about the financial landscape and the best way to [...]

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Multiply Your Time by Transitioning Relationships

You’ve been building your book of business as a financial advisor, carefully adding more clients and watching your revenue grow. And then it happens – you realize there just aren’t enough hours in the day to not only maintain your current client base but continue to grow it.

What do you do now?

Normally the [...]

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An Advisor’s Guide to Writing an Effective Call to Action

One of the most frustrating aspects of working with prospects or publishing articles is the lack of interaction. As an advisor, you can spend a good deal of time answering questions and providing insight, but weeks will go by and many readers never call your office or add themselves to your mailing list. To mitigate [...]

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Optimize Your LinkedIn Page & Attract More Prospects

LinkedIn is without a doubt one of the most powerful social media tools we have in terms of growing a client base – it’s 277% more efficient in generating leads than Facebook or Twitter. It can be daunting to use, as 260 million people regularly browse the website, standing out amongst the crowd [...]

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