The Family Estate Organizer

Stop wasting time and energy trying to collect and organize your client’s documents! In this episode, Dave Alison and Carl Smith discuss how The Family Estate Organizer, or FEO, can help you plan for your client’s long-term future.

The Family Estate Organizer is a financial planning tool that assists the family & all parties involved in settling an estate after death.

The Family Estate Organizer streamlines and organizes all essential personal information and financial documentation into a single comprehensive binder. The FEO provides a centralized location for all crucial information and becomes a go-to resource for the client and their family. From legal documents to insurance policies to brokerage statements and more, it creates peace of mind for the client and their loved ones.

Having a customized FEO built can save a family a lot of time, energy, and heartbreak after an already devastating loss. An Estate Organizer can accompany the client to the funeral home or attorney’s office, etc.


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