The Bucket Plan Best Interest Process

The Bucket Plan® Best Interest process

An Innovative Framework for closing more business

Bucket Plan Concepts & Tools Guide

Have you tried different sales processes to help close more business or optimize your pipeline, but didn’t see the results? What you really need is a proven process that helps simplify financial planning for both you AND your clients – The Bucket Plan Best Interest Process.

This free Advisor Guide will help you:

  • Implement a simplified holistic planning process
  • Understand the concepts that simplify the process
  • Learn to utilize the step-by-step tools
  • Easily duplicate and scale to your business
  • Increase your closing ratio!

What if there was a way to simplify financial planning for your clients? In this Advisor Guide, you’ll find three concepts and seven tools to help your clients better understand and take charge of their retirement.

3 Concepts:

  1. The Bucket Plan Philosophy
  2. The Money Cycle
  3. The Pyramid of Risk

7 Tools:

  1. The Connection Questionnaire
  2. Concerns & Priorities Worksheet
  3. Cash Flow Assessment
  4. Asset Inventory Document
  5. Volatility Tolerance Analysis
  6. Design Worksheet
  7. Delivery Template

Each concept and tool build off one another to form the foundation for a solid financial future.

If you’re an advisor who always chases elusive shiny objects—this is NOT for you.

But if you’re looking for a proven, scalable process that will help you communicate with your clients, grow your business, and close more sales, you’ve come to the right place.

The Bucket Plan Best Interest Process