“Days Can Be Sunny for Bunnies and Money” Now Available for Purchase

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 “Days Can Be Sunny for Bunnies and Money” Now Available for Purchase

 The children’s book is inspired by Clarity 2 Prosperity’s signature financial planning process and the bestselling book, “The Bucket Plan: Protecting and Growing Your Assets for a Worry-Free Retirement”

Cleveland October 21, 2021 – Clarity 2 Prosperity (C2P), a financial training, coaching and IP development organization, announces the release of the new children’s book, “Days Can Be Sunny for Bunnies and Money,” inspired by its signature financial planning process, The Bucket Plan®, and Jason L Smith’s bestselling book “The Bucket Plan: Protecting and Growing Your Assets for a Worry-Free Retirement.” “Days Can Be Sunny for Bunnies and Money” was written by best-selling children’s author, Tish Rabe, and illustrated by U.K. artist Steven Brown, and aims to educate children 5 and older on how to responsibly earn, save and spend their money. Click here to purchase individual books and for bulk orders, visit: kidsbucketplan.com.

“Financial literacy, or in many cases the lack thereof, has become a major obstacle for Americans of all ages on their journey toward obtaining financial security. The foundation for our financial habits as adults is established in childhood, however guidance on what ‘good financial habits’ consist of isn’t taught until well into adulthood, if ever. As soon as children begin receiving money, whether for birthdays or chores, they can start learning important life lessons about how money is earned, saved, spent, and shared,” said Jason L Smith, creator of The Bucket Plan, founder and CEO of C2P Enterprises, the holding company of C2P. “For years, our mission has been to simplify financial planning for families worldwide, and with this book, families can be better equipped to teach children about money with a fun, exciting and engaging educational tool. The earlier a person adapts good financial habits, the more sensible, stress-free, and successful his or her approach to financial security will be.”

“Days Can Be Sunny for Bunnies and Money” stars three high-energy bunnies who are learning how to manage money in their own different ways—Honey Fern likes to earn, Sunny Dave likes to save, and Funny Ben likes to spend, and they all like to give. Each bunny is given a basket to save for their own financial goal and all learn valuable lessons along the way. Rabe has a long history of bringing important messages to children in fun and entertaining ways. She is a bestselling author of more than 170 children’s books, including titles for Sesame Street, Disney, Clifford the Big Red Dog and Curious George, and adaptions of more than 40 titles of Dr. Suess books since his death in 1991.

Smith and Rabe united over a shared interest in education. Smith has a passion for teaching financial literacy and was compelled to bring the important life lessons of how to save and spend money responsibly to the youngest of ages. This, combined with Rabe’s talents and aspirations to bring educational subject matter to children in an entertaining way, solidified their partnership to create a book that accomplishes both.

“Days Can Be Sunny for Bunnies and Money” retails at $6.99. For more information, visit kidsbucketplan.com.

ABOUT CLARITY 2 PROSPERITY: Clarity 2 Prosperity is a financial training and coaching organization led by financial advisors, coaches, mentors and business leaders. Its mission is to shift advisor focus from selling products to becoming holistic service providers, effectively serving the comprehensive needs of American families. Members are trained on the philosophy and financial planning process detailed in the bestselling book, “The Bucket Plan® – Protecting and Growing Your Assets for a Worry-Free Retirement,” to provide comprehensive and easy-to-understand financial plans to the families they serve. Learn more at www.Clarity2Prosperity.com.