Why Clarity 2 Prosperity? Our financial planning and business-building philosophies are designed to help you in critical areas of your firm, keeping you on the leading edge of our ever-changing industry…and ahead of your competition!

Create a Holistic Plan
At Clarity 2 Prosperity, we believe there is no single product or portfolio that can solve all problems for all people, and not all financial concerns can be addressed by the same strategy. Through our holistic planning philosophy, we help advisors create strategic and congruent plans for their clients that work to avoid critical gaps, tax inefficiencies, overexposure to risk, unintended consequences and more. This step-by-step approach to holistic planning incorporates insurance, investments, tax, legal, Social Security and Medicare into one congruent plan.
<em>The Bucket Plan</em><sup>®</sup> Best Interest Philosophy
We’ve got the trademark for that…and a published book! Our signature Bucket Plan Best Interest philosophy is designed to help you navigate your clients through the greatest dangers of retirement today: market risk, interest rate risk, and sequence of returns risk. Play it too safely, and you run the risk of your client losing purchasing power due to inflation or even outliving your money in retirement. Too much exposure to volatility while taking income or distributions, and you gamble a significant loss that could send them back to work.

The Bucket Plan planning process is a best interest approach designed to compartmentalize money into buckets based on a client’s investment time horizon, volatility tolerance, income need and tax qualifications, so you can mitigate each of these potential risks for retirement while structuring your client’s money for the now, soon and later years.

The Bucket Plan book is also available for our advisors to customize and use with their clients as a turnkey education tool and marketing piece. Simplify the planning process so clients can easily understand while addressing todays biggest dangers in retirement!

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Build a Holistic Business
Some organizations focus on gross production and encourage you to sell the same products over and over again to each of your clients—regardless if the product is right for them. That is not us!

At Clarity 2 Prosperity, we help advisors go from being transactional producers to successful business owners with multiple streams of income. By building a holistic business, you will diversify your revenue sources for more business stability and growth potential, while creating more value for the clients you serve.

Our financial planning processes enable you to integrate managed money or insurance into your planning process and incorporate planning fees. Want to diversify your revenue by providing additional value-add services for your clients, such as incorporating a tax practice or Medicare supplements divisions? We’ve got a process for that too.

To drive business to these financial planning services, you will need low-cost, high-impact marketing programs and ways to systematically increasing referrals—which is exactly what you will find in our marketing processes built with a focus on your net profitability.

And lastly, we know it takes more than a strong client experience and effective marketing to drive success. You must work to ensure your internal operations can support the planning and marketing processes you have in place. Our practice management processes have been designed to do just that.

Ultimately, at Clarity 2 Prosperity, we teach advisors how to run their business like a business, that can run with or without your day-to-day involvement.

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Keep Ahead of Regulatory Change
From clearly documenting your sales process to providing holistic financial planning solutions in your clients’ best interest, the best interest standard is not going away—no matter how legislation continues to evolve.

When the most significant legislation in the financial industry in more than 40 years was initially proposed, we recognized the significant changes that would be required throughout the retirement planning marketplace for investment advisors and insurance agents alike. Clarity 2 Prosperity will remain on the forefront, taking an active role in working with the Department of Labor and SEC to help equip you with the tools, processes and planning support needed for you to provide best interest recommendations to the clients you serve.

Innovate. Educate. Collaborate.
“More gold has been mined from the mind of men than the earth itself.”
– Napoleon Hill
Think and Grow Rich

Based on the principles laid out by Napoleon Hill in his book “Think and Grow Rich” more than three-quarters of a century ago, Clarity 2 Prosperity is where the best ideas become better, and then are captured into a turnkey process for the benefit of all affiliated advisors.

The Mastermind Group is the foundation upon which new business building ideas are born, processes are created and strategies are refined. This collective wisdom is what sets Clarity 2 Prosperity apart. Like-minded advisors learn from, share with and grow their businesses together.

New business-building ideas are continuously shared with the group, both by the leaders who are still in the field, as well as by affiliated advisors. These ideas go through an “innovation incubator” and become refined with the various steps of implementation well organized. Then, the concept is tested by a model office, and once proven successful, packaged into a turnkey process and added to the eLearning platform. Affiliated advisors and their teams are provided with on-demand access to the turnkey processes associated with their affiliation.

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