A letter from the CEO

My vision for founding Clarity 2 Prosperity was to fill the void in the financial service industry. There is a complete lack of holistic financial planning available for American middle-class families. The ultra-high net worth have had this benefit for years with their accountant, attorney, broker, advisor, insurance agent all collaborating on their behalf. But middle America hasn’t had this same level of service, and they are the ones who need a holistic plan the most. The middle class and middle-class millionaires are most vulnerable to economic or legislative changes and can be at risk of running out of money, especially in retirement.

Sure, you might say the middle class has advisors, but the majority of these advisors are not looking at the big financial picture. The problem with many of these traditional advisors and other financial professionals is they sell – they sell products and services. A tax preparer sells tax preparation services, a broker sells investments, an attorney sells legal documents, an insurance agent sells life insurance, and so on, and by working in these silos, nothing is congruent. The things each of these professionals says only addresses one area of a client’s life, and very rarely do these professionals consider the impact of their product or service on their overall financial plan. Many of them simply don’t know how the advice they provide impacts the other areas, and that can have a detrimental effect on a client’s long-term financial outlook.

I, along with the founding partners at Clarity 2 Prosperity, wanted to build something different and impactful for a wide range of families nationwide. We wanted to create an army of holistic advisors who look at the big financial picture and provide advice and recommendations in a client’s best interest that take all areas of financial planning into consideration. By creating holistic plans, the American families they serve would have the strategies in place to protect them and their finances on all fronts, no matter what the future holds.

We knew this wouldn’t be an easy endeavor. Holistic planning is different than what many advisors have done over the course of their careers. We understood that in order for it to be a success, we would need to provide robust training, hands-on coaching, detailed and packaged turnkey processes, on-demand resources and support—all backed by experience and results.

This is what Clarity 2 Prosperity has become—a think-tank and repository of wisdom built upon the amazing collaboration of top advisors, coaches, mentors and business leaders. Together, we have built every process, every presentation and every tool you could possibly need to become a holistic advisor. Today, our advisors are truly filling a void within our industry and, really our country, by bringing critical and coordinated planning solutions to each of the clients they serve.

I hope you’ll join us on our mission to make holistic planning available to all, simplifying the financial planning process and improving the financial lives of American families nationwide.

Jason L Smith
Founder & CEO