What makes us different? We focus on the client first, empowering advisors with the tools, training and support they need to advise in the best interest of their clients, regardless of the product or investment implemented within the solution.

Here are the six key differentiators of Clarity 2 Prosperity.

Holistic Planning: We help advisors shift from a transactional mindset and planning process to holistic planners and service providers, coordinating all areas of your clients’ financial lives including insurance, investments, tax, legal, Social Security and Medicare. This best interest planning approach works to uncover critical gaps and inefficiencies, identify additional planning opportunities and ultimately create well-coordinated and documented holistic financial plans.

Leading Through Example: We are led by some of the industry’s most accomplished advisors, coaches, mentors and business leaders, many of whom are field generals actively serving clients and leading their own highly successful financial advisory firms. There is no “ivory tower” mentality; as an advisor-led organization, we have working model offices that test and refine each of our processes, as well as provide regular on-site training opportunities to you and your teams.

Packaged Proven Processes: We provide you and your team access to a wide variety of step-by-step, proven financial planning, operational and marketing processes. All processes are available on-demand through our university-style online e-Learning platform and include audio recordings, videos, scripts, checklists, flowcharts and more, all divided into simple steps for easy implementation. All business-building concepts come from top advisors and are run through an innovation incubator where they are tested in each model office before being turned into an e-Learning course. Once proven successful, scalable and repeatable, our instructional designers capture every detail of the business process, tap into the expertise of subject-matter experts to refine it, and package the process as a course to include on our exclusive online platform.

Focus on Net Profitability: With the philosophy that it’s not about what you make but rather what you keep, we help advisors grow the profitability of their businesses while diversifying their income sources. From adding new profitable lines of business to creating new service offerings, we show advisors how to efficiently hire and train an associate advisor, charge planning fees, run low-cost or no-cost marketing programs, increase referrals, and more, all designed to help you run your business cost-efficiently while enhancing your overall net profitability. This is unlike other organizations that solely focus on gross sales.

Collective Wisdom from a Mastermind Group: The foundation of our training, processes and resources is based on the philosophy of collective wisdom from The Mastermind Group, where like-minded advisors learn, share and grow their businesses together. This exclusive group of advisors receives regular and interactive small group, advisor-led training as well as access to the biannual Mastermind Collegium. The Collegium is an advisor-driven forum where innovation emerges, providing the opportunity for learning and collaboration through panels, breakout sessions, roundtable discussions and more.

Within The Mastermind Group is a mentoring opportunity for highly accomplished advisors to share their expertise with advisors aspiring to reach similar successes. This allows for these advisors to not only give back to the industry but also have a greater impact on the company’s overarching mission to simplify the financial planning process and improve the financial lives of American families nationwide.

Maintain Work-Life Balance: We believe that family life and personal activities are as important to an advisor as his or her business. We help you define your personal and professional goals, then create the steps necessary to obtain those goals while maintaining work-life balance. We take an active role in helping you build successful, process-driven businesses that can operate independent of your day-to-day involvement, while putting a succession plan in place for the long term. As a charitable-minded organization, we provide you with the opportunity to give back and invest in your community and worthy organizations, as we work to help you build your business according to your life’s goals.