Imagine a napkin drawing and a handful of financial planning professionals clustered around it. Imagine healthy debate, strong advocacy and hard-earned unity. This is how Clarity 2 Prosperity came to be—originated as a response to the flaws of the financial services industry, born from frustration, refined through innovation and honed in the field. Clarity 2 Prosperity is the brainchild of an alliance of top-tier financial professionals from across the industry who decided to stand up and make a difference.

The founding partners had worked with a wide range of IMOs who all had one thing in common–their top-down approach. “Here is a sales idea, now go sell more of X products.” The partners recognized this was not financial planning, and that the one who benefited most from this approach was the company, then the advisor, and then client who was simply sold a product would always come in last. Worse yet, most often this “sales training” would come from someone who had zero experience in the field. Tired of being a guinea pig for a wide variety of business-building initiatives that left our clients wanting and needing more, we each decided we’d had enough. We committed to building an organization that would put the client first, then the advisors and then the corporate organization would come last.

United in the vision to always do right by the client no matter what, we armed our advisors by equipping them with the knowledge, support and resources they needed to provide comprehensive and value-driven planning, and succeeded in turning this business model completely upside down with Clarity 2 Prosperity.

What’s in a name?
Our company name has dual meanings—first, consumers have not always had a clear idea of what their money is doing for them and why. They’ve had to personally make the trek to the insurance, investment, legal and tax professional to try to communicate what the “other” one is doing. They haven’t had a clear understanding of why it’s there and how it’s working cohesively within their plan—until now. By working with a Clarity 2 Prosperity trained advisor, they gain the clarity to make informed financial decisions to aid them in their journey to a greater sense of profitability, security and peace of mind.

Second, we wanted to remove the trial and error that comes with building a successful and profitable financial services business. We wanted to create well-documented and structured processes that were proven successful and could easily be duplicated by all advisors who implemented it. We removed the clutter, leaving you with step-by-step clarity to create a holistic plan and build a holistic business. This greater sense of clarity allows you to be empowered as a business owner on your journey to a greater sense of profitability, security and peace of mind.

We have built the infrastructure to support holistic planning and an army of holistic advisors through the formation of three corporate entities. Choose from working with one or all divisions to create a flexible service experience to fit perfectly within your unique regulatory and business environments and preferences.

With a clear vision for the next era in the financial services industry, our team began with a small, yet audacious goal of improving a flawed system by using integrity, specialized solutions and an uncommon passion for serving others. Today, we’ve grown into a collection of leading independent financial services organizations renowned for innovation, advisor collaboration and client service.