Gina Pellegrini


Mentor | Partner

Gina Pellegrini is a mentor with Clarity 2 Prosperity, Clarity Insurance Marketing and Prosperity Capital Advisors leading our practice management division. With a unique ability to size up situations and bring people together, she helps business teams break through barriers, streamline systems, increase productivity, strengthen accountability, improve communication and, ultimately, increase revenue. With Gina’s help, employers become better leaders, and employees get more involved in the company vision, decision-making and growth.

Gina hosts two teleconference series for advisors and their teams. The Revenue Resource™, is a group series designed to sharpen the phone skills of marketing coordinators to keep the advisors calendar full. The TeamWork Movement® provides coaching on effective leadership skills and improving overall team performance. Gina also launched The Virtual Scheduler, an appointment scheduling service for advisors who do not want to hire, train or manage a staff to fill their calendars. Her products include The Hiring Advantage, Let Go & Lead!, Take Initivative & Succeed!, The Appointment Scheduler, and The Pellegrini Pocket Tips.

Gina capitalizes on her specialized background to produce positive results for her clients. She has 41 years of experience in the financial services industry, working for a top financial producer in Chicago for 17 years before starting her own consulting firm 24 years ago. Gina is also an associate coach for the Strategic Coach®, an organization run by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.

Gina is the owner of Pellegrini Team Consulting, a Minneapolis-based firm specializing in leadership training, staff development and practice management. She has been featured in several trade magazine and has spoken at the Court of the Table, MDRT, NAIFA and other notable financial industry events. When she is not helping teams become more cohesive and productive, Gina enjoys reading, traveling to exotic destinations and making jewelry.


Strategic Coach is an Entrepreneurial company that has worked closely with over 16,000 entrepreneurs from more than 60 industries worldwide for the past 25 years to create a support system to help transform businesses achieve new levels of freedom and success.


Things you must know about Gina
  • Owner of Pellegrini Team Consulting
  • Creator of The Hiring AdvantageTM Process
  • Expert at helping advisors secure more appointments

Fun Facts

  • Loves to travel
  • Co-authored a book on hiring with Jason Smith
  • Always has a positive attitude and is willing to try anything once


  • Strategic Coach®
  • Abundance 360

Favorite Personal Quote
“If you give them more of what they need, they’ll give you more of what you want”