Clarity 2 Prosperity to Provide New, Fee-Based Fixed Indexed Annuity Product to Investment Advisory Channel

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Index ProtectorSM 7 is a new product for the investment advisory channel that provides additional portfolio diversification options for investment advisors and their clients

Cleveland, Ohio – September 20, 2016 — Sister companies, Clarity 2 Prosperity (C2P), the coaching and insurance division, and Prosperity Capital Advisors (PCA), an SEC Registered Investment Adviser, announce the distribution of a new fee-based fixed indexed annuity with optional guaranteed income rider is now available through its organization. The innovative product, the Index Protector 7 fixed-indexed annuity, meets the fee structuring requirements for fee-only or fee-based investment advisors, broker-dealers and RIAs, and will allow for adherence to the new compensation standards set forth by the Department of Labor’s Fiduciary Rule.

Clarity 2 Prosperity is an approved distribution partner for Great American Life Insurance Company®, the insurance company and product manufacturer of the Index Protector 7 fixed indexed annuity. As a strategic partner, C2P and PCA will bring this newfound capability to advisors and organizations that were otherwise limited in their ability to offer insurance-based annuities in the past. Clarity 2 Prosperity and Prosperity Capital Advisors will provide the distribution, training and product execution platforms, as well as the billing support associated with the launch and ongoing facilitation of the Index Protector 7.

The introduction of this product now allows investment advisors to offer their clients a fixed-indexed annuity solution that, unlike variable annuities they’ve been limited to using in the past, offers the opportunity to earn interest based on market performance with principal protection and the ability to create a structured secure guaranteed income stream for life. The Index Protector 7 offers competitive earning potential, tax-deferred growth and a return of premium guarantee.

“We commend Great American Life for being one of the first insurance companies to bring such a needed product innovation to the fee-based marketplace as a way to help advisors comply with the new DOL rule and for their speed in manufacturing a product compatible with these new guidelines,” said Jason L. Smith, founder and CEO of Clarity 2 Prosperity and Prosperity Capital Advisor. “Through this emerging market, the fee-based and fee-only planning community now has access to these practical retirement planning tools, and we’re proud to join them on the forefront as a distribution partner and in the continuation of our pursuit as an early adapter of the DOL Fiduciary Rule.”

For investment adviser representatives of Prosperity Capital Advisors, Clarity 2 Prosperity will provide training for the appropriate use of the product in a financial plan and the “best interest” standards to adhere to when making the recommendation. Prosperity Capital Advisors will support the execution and ongoing management of the product for the IARs of PCA as well as for all other advisors and organizations that wish to utilize the PCA platform to access the Index Protector 7 for use in their clients’ portfolios.

“As part of our commitment to uphold the DOL new fiduciary rules, we thoroughly screen available products in the marketplace to ensure recommendations follow ‘best interest’ standards,” said Dave Alison, CFP® and founding partner for Prosperity Capital Advisors. “This new product helps advisors and organizations meet those standards and provides new alternatives for the investment community, that, coupled with associated training in how it works within a comprehensive financial plan, provides these investment advisors more options to further diversify their clients’ portfolios.”

Investment advisors interested in offering this new product option to their clients or for more information on how this fixed indexed annuity would work as part of a comprehensive plan are encouraged to contact Clarity 2 Prosperity and Prosperity Capital Advisors by calling (888) 240-1923.

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