Clarity 2 Prosperity Announces Fee-Only Training Organization to Financial Advisors and Institutions

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New Entity Offers Access to Comprehensive Training, Coaching and Turnkey Processes to Industry

Cleveland, OhioMarch 16, 2017  – Clarity 2 Prosperity announces the launch of its fee-only training organization. This new entity offers financial advisors access to comprehensive training, coaching and mentoring as well as turnkey financial planning, innovative operations and marketing processes. These valuable resources will be available to all financial advisors, regardless of their corporate affiliations.

“We’ve heard from numerous advisors and institutions who craved the robust training we’ve developed in programs such as holistic planning and The Bucket Plan® Best Interest Planning Process. Unfortunately, our previous structure limited our programs to financial professionals who were already associated with the Clarity brands,” says Jason L Smith, Founder and CEO of Clarity 2 Prosperity. “Now, all advisors—whether they work for an institution, are independent, or are licensed through other third parties—can tap into our programs and processes for a fee. In addition, we have also opened our programs to institutions who desire turnkey training for their advisor force.”

Over the past year, Smith has had direct lines of communication with the DOL and SEC and has gained the insight needed to get in front of upcoming legislative changes. While the final form and timeline of the fiduciary rule continues to take shape, Clarity 2 Prosperity’s offerings are designed to equip advisors and institutions with the processes they need to adapt and succeed in representing their client’s best interests in addition to new or evolving regulations. “We want to make sure all advisors, and not just those who work for multi-billion-dollar wirehouses, have the opportunity to not only survive but thrive, regardless as to how fiduciary regulation continues to evolve,” says Smith. “Our training gives individual advisors and small to mid-sized institutions a leg up and their clients access to planning processes that are truly in their best interest. It’s a win-win for all!”

“We’ve identified a gap in the industry” explains Dave Alison, Executive Vice President and Founding Partner of Clarity 2 Prosperity. “With holistic planning and documentation processes becoming more necessary and in greater demand, there are very few organizations as prepared to provide this level of training and resources to help advisors meet those needs. Regardless of legislation, advisors want to work in their client’s best interest, and all of our offerings are designed to help advisors do just that.”

Clarity 2 Prosperity’s offerings include:

  • live, interactive training, both in large and small group formats, on multiple topics, including holistic planning and the best interest planning process;
  • ongoing one-on-one or group coaching sessions for continued support;
  • and, more than 20 turnkey processes for advisors to access on-demand through a university style e-Learning platform.

Each of these processes incorporates learning tools such as audio recordings, videos, scripts, checklists and flowcharts, with all processes divided into simple steps for easy implementation.    This focus on education is all part of the company’s overarching mission to make holistic financial planning available to consumers nationwide, and the company believes it can best deliver on this mission by expanding training to include all financial advisors.

“In the new organizational structure, Clarity 2 Prosperity will serve as the stand-alone training, coaching and mentoring entity that will continue to develop IP and processes for advisors,” says Smith. “It is neither an IMO nor an RIA and does not provide or represent any financial products.”

Advisors interested in financial products and support can still work with Clarity’s sister organizations, C2P Advisory Group, the insurance marketing organization (IMO), and Prosperity Capital Advisors, an SEC-registered investment advisory firm (RIA).