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Host Jason L Smith interviews top experts and financial advisors, delivering compelling content focused on multiplying your: revenue, net profit, lines of business, capabilities, efficiencies, most valuable relationships – and rainmakers.

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Advisor Career Path:
Constructing the 5-Rung Ladder

Life happens—vacation, medical needs, family leave, retirement…there are a million reasons you might need to step away from your practice. Is your business structured so it can prosper with or without you? Do you have a process in place to delegate responsibilities through a seamless transition? Listen as Jason L Smith and Rob LaCivita, Chief Operation Officer of JL Smith Wealth & Tax Planning, discuss the Advisor Career Path. And learn how the 5-rung ladder will put your mind at ease if you ever need to take time off.

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Financial Advisor Podcast

Jason L Smith

Jason L Smith is a nationally acclaimed speaker, financial planner, best-selling author, coach, and entrepreneur. He is the Founder and CEO of Clarity 2 Prosperity, as well as his own holistically run financial services practice, The JL Smith Group.