The Bucket Plan® On-Demand Series

Industry leading financial advisors, mentors and business leaders, Jason L Smith & Dave Alison host and interview top industry experts and advisors on actionable financial planning strategies to grow your business and stay ahead of your competition.

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Financial Podcasts

Financial Podcasts



1: How Do You Increase Your Closing Ratio by 72.3%? Ask These Questions

2: Identify Risk & Investor Vulnerability

3: An Asset Allocation Strategy Your Clients Will Actually Understand

4: The Asset Sheet Questionnaire

5: The Cash Flow Analysis

6: Tom Hegna

7: Protect Your Clients from Market Volatility

8: Designing Your Client’s Bucket Plan®

9: 3 Tips to Help Financial Advisors Convert More Clients

10: Best Practices for Hosting Virtual Meetings

11: The Beneficiary Liquidity Plan

12: Call Your Clients!

13: Whole Life as an Alternative to Today’s Low Interest Rates – Interview with Walter Young

14: One-Year Home Health Care in Your Client’s Bucket Plan

15: The Bucket Plan Best Interest Process: A New Framework for Teaching

16: Bucket Planning is Not Just Bucketing

17: Positioning Life Insurance with Long-Term Care Benefits

18: The Power of a 4-Step Financial Planning Process

19: Monetize Your Wisdom: Why You Should Be Charging Planning Fees

20: Holistic Financial Planning: A Success Story

21: Making the Simple, Simpler: Retirement Analyzer, The Bucket Plan® Edition


The Rainmaker Multiplier On-Demand Series

Hosts Jason L Smith & Mary Sterk interview top experts and financial advisors, delivering compelling content focused on multiplying your revenue, net profit, lines of business, capabilities, efficiencies, most valuable relationships – and rainmakers.

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Financial Podcasts

Financial Podcasts



1: Estate Planning: Benefits of a collaborative approach for financial planners and estate planning attorneys

2: Multiply Results with the 3 Cs of Delegation

3: The Rainmaker Multiplier

4: Multiply Your Time by Successfully Transitioning Client Relationships to an Associate Advisor

5: Optimizing a Tax Practice to Grow your Financial Services Business

6: Wayne Cotton

7: If You Take Five Months Off From Your Business, Will It Thrive or Just Survive?

8: Creating Future Rainmakers

9: How to Make it Rain in a Virtual Environment

Virtual Workshops | Interview with White Glove

Virtual Workshops | Interview with AFEA

10: EIDL vs. PPP Loans: Everything You Need to Know

11: Grow Your Business With the “Godfather of Referrals” Bill Cates

12: How to Gather $100 Million in New Assets in One Year

Virtual Seminars | Interview with Chris Ross from Eight Digit Media

13: Delivering Successful Virtual Seminars

14: Effective Communication Strategies in a Virtual Environment

15: The Evolution of the Woman’s Worth® Platform

16: The Right Fit Advisor: 3 Steps for Finding Future Rainmakers for your Company