Erin Moser

Training Department Manager

Erin Moser

Erin Moser is Clarity 2 Prosperity’s Training Department Manager. She substantially contributes to and oversees the agenda creation, content development, and additional preparation and follow-up activities of trainings within the organization. Such development and fulfillment of live, virtual, in-person, and eLearning courses take place under Erin’s management. Erin began with the organization in 2014 and has consistently contributed to trainings and their development since the onset of her tenure with Clarity.

Prior to joining C2P Enterprises, Erin worked as an administrative assistant and staff manager at Sprint in Reston, Virginia.

She has added experience in the retail industry where she achieved sales goals, recruited, trained, mentored, and coached staff. She earned various accolades and was the winner of a large sales contest within this capacity.

Erin also worked as an operations manager at a large national retail store. During her time within this role she received multiple district and regional awards for top-ranked performance and was recognized as a two-time recipient of a top award. Additionally, she was ranked consistently as the number one operations manager in the district.

Erin enjoys live music, baseball, travel, volunteering in her community, and spending time with her family, especially her three children and thirteen nieces and nephews.