Clarity 2 Prosperity offers a range of live, on-demand and virtual training resources to financial advisors and institutions—regardless of your RIA, IMO, B/D or other affiliations.

Whether you are looking for turnkey processes for best interest financial planning and documentation or profitable and scalable marketing and operations systems, we provide the experienced training and support you and your team need to remove the guesswork and be successful. Review upcoming event opportunities below or contact us to discuss custom training needs!

Holistic Advisor Academy

Take the guesswork out of building a top-tier independent financial advisory firm and get the education and processes to become a more holistic advisor, leader and business owner. The event is packed with information on 21 different sales and marketing, operational and financial planning processes and will give advisors the detailed action steps needed to implement each process effectively in their business. These aren’t just ideas, these are turnkey processes. Examples include: how to automate your business to run with or without you; how to incorporate insurance, investments, taxes and estate planning into a holistic financial plan; how to get paid for planning time; how to hire the right employees and junior advisors, and more.

Upcoming Dates:
June 20-21, 2018 | Cleveland, Ohio

For more information and to register today, visit C2PEvents.com.

The Bucket Plan® 1.0 Best Interest Process
Live Training & Certification

The Bucket Plan 1.0 Best Interest Process Training is a comprehensive, 1.5-day live training to equip an advisor with all the knowledge necessary to quick start their delivery of a unique and comprehensive planning experience to their clients. At the completion of the training, you will have the opportunity to take a proctored exam to earn The Bucket Plan Certification to help demonstrate your commitment both to professional education and holistic planning with clients and prospects. In addition to increasing credibility, this certification includes the opportunity to customize The Bucket Plan book for your practice and a listing on TheBucketPlanBook.com.

  • The Bucket Plan Best Interest Process
  • The Family Estate OrganizerTM
  • The Bucket Plan Fact Finder
  • The Pyramid of Risk
  • The Bucket Plan Product and Portfolio Implementation

Upcoming Dates:
March 21-22, 2018 | Westlake, Ohio
May 30-31, 2018 | Westlake, Ohio

For the latest dates and information, visit C2PEvents.com/TheBucketPlan.

The Bucket Plan® 2.0 Holistic Planning Process Live Training

This 1.5-day advanced workshop offered to advisors who have mastered The Bucket Plan® 1.0 Best Interest Process and are ready to build on a more robust planning process walks participants through each detailed step of Clarity 2 Prosperity – the holistic planning process. This includes an introduction to planning fees, more advanced tax planning, explaining your service offerings to your clients, and more. Rehearse each aspect of the process with live role-plays, peer feedback, and more!

Qualifications to Attend

To make the most of your training time out of the office, the following trainings must be completed prior to attending The Bucket Plan® 2.0 Holistic Planning Process Live Training:

  • Complete The 4-Week Sprint
  • Attend The Bucket Plan® 1.0 Best Interest Process Live Training
  • Complete the E-Learning courses for understanding of the materials
    • The Bucket Plan Best Interest Process
    • Clarity 2 Prosperity – the holistic planning process
  • Mastery skills of The Bucket Plan as demonstrated through:
    • Completion of 10 Bucket Plans
      • Utilizing all tools of The Bucket Plan Best Interest Process, including the Fact Finder and the Pyramid of Risk
    • Completion of 10 Family Estate Organizers
  • A call with your business development partner to discuss mastery of the concepts above

Upcoming Dates:
May 1-2, 2018 | Westlake, Ohio
September 19-20, 2018 | Westlake, Ohio

For the latest dates and information, visit C2PEvents.com/HPPLive.

Mastermind Collegiums

Each Mastermind Collegium is filled with new content and brings a wealth of the latest ideas, insights and collaboration from our network of elite advisors. In this ever-changing industry, taking time outside of your practice to discover best practices, new processes and connect with likeminded advisors is essential to your continued success and growth. This is an invite-only event for Mastermind advisors to bring questions, struggles and success stories to share with the group as we continue to learn from and push each other to new levels of success.

Upcoming Dates:
June 21-22, 2018 | Cleveland, Ohio

For the latest dates and information, visit C2PEvents.com/mastermind.