Clarity 2 Prosperity provides a wide variety of educational opportunities and resources to affiliated advisors and the financial industry as a whole.


Clarity 2 Prosperity regularly hosts webinars on a timely and relevant topic affecting the financial services industry. Click a webinar below to access.


Clarity 2 Prosperity hosts a “Take Action” podcast series interviewing industry leaders, advisors and coaches on timely topics. Typically, a supplement to the webinar series, the podcasts provide practical first-hand information on how to implement the strategies discussed through the webinar series.

Harnessing the Power of a Mastermind Group
A special guest interview with Mary Sterk, a financial advisor, author and Mastermind Member at Clarity 2 Prosperity. Mary joins Jason L Smith to discuss the advantages of being in a Mastermind Group.

Addressing Common Social Security Mistakes
Jim Blair, Lead Consultant at Premier Social Security Consulting, joins Jason L Smith to discuss how to help maximize your clients’ Social Security benefits and permanent mistakes and how to avoid them.

Using FIAs as a Bond Alternative
A special guest interview with Jamie Hopkins, a professor at The American College and Director of New York Life Center for Retirement Income. Together with Jason L Smith, they discuss their candid, first-hand experiences with implementing fixed indexed annuities as a bond alternative.

The Power of The Bucket Plan® Certification and Certified Financial Fiduciary® Designation
We share a practice spotlight featuring Glen Pier and Carol Ward Ochoa. Together, they discuss their candid, first-hand experiences with introducing The Bucket Plan® Certification and Certified Financial Fiduciary® designation in their advisory practices.

The Cash Flow Analyzer Applied
Break free from “growth at all costs” and make 2018 the year you shift your focus and efforts to what really matters – your net profitability! Take control of your business rather than being trapped in a cycle of production to keep up with your marketing and administrative costs.

Discover the Power of a Unique Process to Transform Your Financial Practice
World-renowned business coach Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach shares critical insights on the evolution of the financial services industry over the past 50 years – particularly addressing the issue of transparency in compensation and charging a fee for intellectual capital.

The Bucket Plan® Applied
This podcast episode features David Buckwald CFP®, ChFC®, CLU®, CLTC, NSSA, as he shares his candid, first-hand experiences effectively implementing The Bucket Plan Holistic Planning Process in his financial practice.

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White Papers

Clarity 2 Prosperity regularly creates white papers on important financial planning topics, taking a deep dive into problems impacting our industry today and offers practical solutions for how to proactively make adjustments to your business to mitigate the negative and maximize on the opportunity.

White Papers coming soon!

Client Education Tools

Clarity 2 Prosperity takes an active role in educating consumers nationwide about important financial concepts and strategies. To use any of these video resources in your efforts to educate your clients and community, please send a request for the usage instructions: